webtastic - fuse8's favourite websites

We took a poll across the fuse8 office to find out which are the most popular websites among the team...apart from fuse8.com of course!

They’ve promised to keep it clean.

...and the winner is...Facebook!

  1. Facebook
  2. BBC
  3. Asos
  4. Blurb
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Venere
  7. Miniclip
  8. Ceramic-workshop
  9. Lovedbyyou
  10. Rosie Soul

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the ever-present Facebook came in as the most popular post-work website choice. Linkedin.com also makes an appearance, showing that business as well as social networking is a common pastime with the team. Networking sites have exploded in popularity in the last year – if you’re a member of linkedin, take a look at fuse8’s group. Feel free to join us if you like!

Asos.com is favoured by the fashion conscious in the office, while Venere.com shows many of us dream of spending our well earned holidays on faraway shores.

The last three are shameless plugs for sites belonging to fuse8 team members. Matt, James and Joe – we know your game, but can’t condone you for seizing an opportunity

So, take a look through the top 10. Some sites you may know, some you may not, but it might make you feel you know us a little better.

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